V1.4 of X-Squadron is Here!

July 9th, 10:30 A.M.

Hello Again everyone,

Today, Steven and I have released X-Squadron V1.4! We've added quite a few new features!



-2 More Backgrounds to Infinite Mode AND all Backgrounds are Randomly Tinted a certain Color each time they reshuffle!

-The Player Ship (The Red Leader) now flashes Red upon Respawning and No longer takes damage until 3 seconds after Respawning

-The Enemy Formation is now based upon a Progression System, where Waves 1-2 ONLY spawn Basic Beetles and Mosquitos, Wave 3 introduces the Flying Beetles, and Wave 4+ introduce the Bruiser Beetles! In other words, by Wave 4 and up, the battle has randomly placed bugs everywhere!

-EXP Orbs now have a 60% Probability of Spawning for any bug upon Death

-Added a NEW Store Background based on a Blueprint of the Red Leader's Ship!



-Fixed A Bug with the Projectile continuously Shooting Very rarely when the frame wouldn't detect the spacebar key up.

Keep on having Fun, Space Shooters! Next update will have the Information Booklet!

-Aaron Hernandez

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