Left arrow = Ship left

Right arrow = Ship right

TAP or HOLD Space bar = Shoot   

(Some weapons may have better results when holding)

1,2,3,4 = Switch Weapons


Score = Current game score

EXP = Currency for weapons purchase 

Info = Wave Number in Infinite Mode

Points Scored per Bug:

Basic Beetle = 2 Points 

Mosquito = 2 Points   

Flying Beetle = 4 Points  

Bruiser = 6 Points

An alien strike force is moving in to take Earth away from humanity! Jump into the shoes of an elite X-Squadron pilot and defend Earth from certain destruction!

X-Squadron is a fixed shooter game, where you pilot a small craft  on the bottom of the screen. Aliens begin to appear, and it is the player's job to shoot them down. As you shoot down more aliens, you get EXP points that enable you to purchase varying weapons in the Galactic Store! 

The vast majority of the game has been made by us. The goal was to learn about all the integral parts of game making in preparation to make more larger-scale, diverse games in the future! 


  • Power ups that will help in the fight!
  • A full campaign mode with 4 distinct levels with a final boss level as well!
  • More X-Squadron pilots that will aid you in campaign mode!
  • An information section, where you can read up on the different pilots and enemies!

StatusIn development
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log

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